Shoshi Olympic Games

If you are feeling slightly disappointed with several outcomes during the Sochi Games, please turn your attention to the fabulous Shoshi Games.

An anonymous brilliant Tumblr user created a highly amusing page featuring Zosia Mamet's Girls character Shoshana Shapiro (also known as Shoshi) participating in various Winter Olympics events and, like, winning them all.

Thanks to Photoshop and some action-packed snapshots of a diverse crowd of Olympians, we can see the quirky and bubbly fictional twentysomething humorously competing in different disciplines.

". Like, let's get it trending, people," @ShoshiGames2014 tweeted on Wednesday, shortly after the Tumblr page launched.

HBO tweeted "This takes the gold medal in / mashups," while Lena Dunham gave her seal of approval calling it "magic."

No word yet from Shoshi herself, but we are willing to bet Mamet is loving it. Because, how could you not?

For example, the witty caption accompanying this focused photo of Shoshi ski jumping: "How do you say OMG in cyrillic?"

But this snapshot of a flying Shoshi is merely the beginning: She can be seen performing ice skating routines in glitzy ensembles, properly positioning a curling stone, riding around in a bobsled and much more.

All hail the Shoshi Games!

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