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    Kate Upton Gets Funny Marriage Proposal—But Not From Justin Verlander!

    Kate Upton Twitter

    We are willing to bet that lots of eligible bachelors would love the opportunity to propose to Kate Upton. So it seems only appropriate that one brave fella took the plunge, in front of a large crowd, and asked the model for her hand in marriage.

    And no, it wasn't the blond beauty's beau Justin Verlander.

    It was Stuff, Orlando Magic's mascot!

    The 21-year-old bombshell and the 30-year-old handsome athlete attended the Magic's game against Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday in Orlando. As soon as the Detroit Tigers pitcher stepped away from the couple's courtside seats, the neon green dragon made his move. With some serious bling, no less.

    "Thanks for the proposal tonight! Great game!," an enthusiastic Upton tweeted after the game, along with a fun-loving pic flashing her ring.

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    Kate Upton Twitter

    Stuff replied to Upton and shared a picture of the proposal, as well as the outcome.

    "She didnt say yes... and she didnt say no... so you're saying there's a chance!," the mascot eagerly tweeted at Upton, hoping for an answer.

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    Kate Upton, Justin Verlander Twitter

    Instead, the 30-year-old baseball star chimed in on the action and added a humorous picture looking a bit confused after the amusing moment between Stuff and his lady.

    "I was gone for 5 seconds!!" he quipped.

    But that was just enough time for Stuff, who explained "@ when you got it, you got it... sorry Verlander... boo thang--> @."

    No final word from Upton if she accepted Stuff's sweet proposal.

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