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    That Awkward Moment: What You Should Know About Zac Efron's Bromantic Comedy

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    The unholy lovechild of The Hangover and Sex and the City, this awkwardly scripted Moment doesn't quite succeed as raunch-fest or rom-com. While navigating the dating scene in New York, three twentysomething dudes make a pact to remain single and free of emotional attachments. Hookups only, brah. But medical doctor Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) is still stinging from his broken marriage and attempts to win back his ex. Book-jacket designer Daniel (Miles Teller) finds himself falling for a longtime gal-pal, while his horndog coworker Jason (Zac Efron and his abs) may have found Ms. Perfect, despite initially mistaking her for a hooker. Not sure if you're ready to commit to this Moment? Better check out these five facts first:

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    1. Lost in Translation: Writer/director Tom Gormican wanted to make a romantic comedy told from the guys' point of view and used his own experience as a single New Yorker as the starting point. His storyline was inspired by Shakespeare's comedy Love's Labour's Lost, in which four men swear off ladies, then lie to each other about their romantic entanglements. And in case you're wondering, the movie title refers to that awkward moment when a "so" question is asked at the crossroads of a relationship—e.g., "So, where is this going?"

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    2. Like a Wrecking Ball: Like someone else we know, Zac Efron really wants to demolish his squeaky-clean Disney image, so here he plays an unlikable, arrogant d-bag womanizer. Plus, he appears in various stages of undress while banging babes or horizontally peeing on the toilet (the curse of Viagra!). If Efron wants to stretch as an actor, he should stop relying on his worked-out bod and puppy-eyed expressions—and dig deeper. Otherwise, maybe he should just twerk against Robin Thicke.

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    That Awkward Moment Treehouse Pictures

    3. That Amazing Moment in Teller's Career: Miles Teller, who plays fast-talking, self-effacing goofball Daniel, is being hailed as the second coming of John Cusack, and his suddenly packed schedule reflects his new star power. After his charming turn in The Spectacular Now, Teller reteams with Spectacular costar Shailene Woodley in this spring's futuristic actioner Divergent. His film Whiplash has been generating major buzz since its Sundance premiere. Plus, he's just been offered the role of Dan Aykroyd in the upcoming biopic about John Belushi.

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    4. Another Star (and Torch) on the Rise: Terrific in last year's acclaimed Fruitvale Station, Michael B. Jordan has built an impressive résumé of dramatic roles, including drug dealer Wallace on The Wire and quarterback Vince on Friday Night Lights, but Moment marks his first foray into big-screen comedy. And now for something completely different—Jordan will reportedly play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the reboot of The Fantastic Four, slated for June 2015. (Ubiquitous Miles Teller is rumored to join the cast as well!)

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    5. Ooey Gooey Goodness: According to Gormican, the actors became close prior to filming, which helped with their onscreen chemistry. They went for a long weekend in the Adirondacks and read through the script together, but it was less about rehearsing than sharing quality bonding time—and snacks. During the trip, British actress Imogen Poots, who plays Jason's love interest, was introduced to s'mores, which she found "extremely exciting, given my lack of an American upbringing." Hey, who needs sex when you have s'mores?

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