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Forget love and marriage, it seems like first comes baby for Reign's newly engaged couple!

In last week's episode of the CW's royal drama, Mary (Adelaide Kane) side-stepped her engagement (and that pesky fatal prophecy) to Francis (Toby Regbo) by proposing a marriage to the king's other son, Bash (Torrance Coombs). Cue cheers from the "Mash" shippers' corner, sighs of despair from the "Frary" faction.

Now, we've got our hands on a exclusive picture from Thursday's all-new episode of Reign, which finds Bash cradling a baby while Mary looks on.

You've got to admit, this photo is kind of ridiculously adorable. But could the baby actually be Bash's?!

In the episode, Mary will attempt to help Isobel (Amy Forsyth), a wrongly imprisoned pregnant peasant who happens to have a mysterious tie to Bash. Things that make you say hmm...

And the episode, titled "Sacrifice," will shine quite a light on Bash, as showrunner Laurie McCarthy teased, "We'll learn more about his past, his ties to the people in the woods and his ties to Paganism."

But even if the child in the photo is Bash's (and we're not saying it is!), it doesn't seem likely that Mary will let that impact her developing feelings for him.

I think you'll see Mary and Bash investing in a relationship with each other, and there's good raw material there for something to grow," McCarthy told us of the couple. "They will start to have real feelings together, because she's going to believe that that's her fate, and she's a practical girl. And I think again, there are genuine feelings there as well, I think she's truly torn."

Reign airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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