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    Andrew Garfield Meets His Spider-Man Mini-Me: Actor Poses for Adorable Photos With a Young Fan at the Airport

    Andrew Garfield AKM-GSI

    This. Is. Too. Cute!

    After arriving at LAX on Monday, Jan. 27, Andrew Garfield came face-to-face with his superhero mini-me. The actor was walking through the airport when he met a young fan dressed in a Spider-Man T-shirt, so of course, the two united their powers for some super-adorable photos.

    The young boy and Garfield exchanged a high-five before taking a couple of pictures together alongside the boy's family. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old star—who looked cute as ever in a large dark coat, baseball cap and red pants—had to jet off to his awaiting car, so there was no time to spray some spiderwebs and swing around Los Angeles side-by-side (maybe next time).

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    Andrew Garfield AKM-GSI

    Speaking of Garfield, Spider-Man and airports, a funny thing happened over in Dubai recently.

    Newlywed Andy Samberg and his new wife Joanna Newsom were en route to the Maldives for their belated honeymoon over the New Year when they made a stopover in the United Arab Emirates, and airport officials reportedly thought he was Garfield.

    "We were getting the royal treatment and I was like, ‘Man, they must have YouTube out here because we're really getting it done up,' " Samberg reportedly said. "Then right before we left the airport the woman who had greeted us there said, ‘So, are you going to make any new Spider-Man films soon?' And I was like, ‘Oh, she thinks I'm Andrew Garfield because my name's Andrew.'

    "I didn't know what else to do, so I just said, ‘Yes. You know, they're a lot of work, but we do it for the fans.' It made me feel so bad for her because I imagine she posted the photo we all took on Facebook!"

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