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What Would Your Name Be If You Were in Justin Bieber's Posse? Use Our Name Generator to Find Out!

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Justin Bieber, Instagram
Justin Bieber, Instagram Instagram

Justin Bieber doesn't hang with people named John. Or David or Peter. The disciples of Biebs have names like Lil Twist, Lil Za and Crazy Khalil. Even his dad, a grown ass man, calls himself Lord Rauhl (né Jeremy Bieber).

If you want to be in Bieber's posse, you need a cool posse nickname. It's easy to get one.

Just use the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name to find out: 

First Name: 

A = Kid

B = Lil

C = Bizzy

D = Lil

E = Lord

F = Crazy

G = Crazier

H = Lil

I = Mah Man

J = Big

K = Lil

L = Fly

M = Canadian Prime Minister

N = Lil

O = Lil

P = Burger

Q = Mack

R = Kween

S = Monsieur

T = Paul

U = Lil

V = Turnt

W = King

X = Your HIGH-ness

Y = Purple

Z = Little

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Last Name:

A = Baddie

B = Skittles

C = babe

D = Crank

E = Gandolf

F = $capegoat

G = Gizzy

H = Meatbauhl

I = !

J = Jelena


L = Do

M = Re

N = Mi

O = Fa

P = So

Q = La

R = Ti

S = B

T = Pooty

U = Taco

V = Shimmy

W = Swaggy

X = Smith

Y = Daddy

Z = Kitty

I'm Big Skittles. What about you? Share it in the comments! And welcome to the gang—hey, you might have to take the fall for Beieber from time to time. Is that cool? OK, cool! Welcome to the gang!

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