Apple Store


First, we'd just like to take this time to be thankful that no one was hurt when this happened. Now that we got that out of the way...

Karma? Perhaps.

For the uninitiated, the New York Apple store on Fifth Avenue is surrounded by a glorious 32-foot-tall glass cube with the Apple logo sort of floating in the middle of it. But when a snowstorm hit New York on Tuesday, not even the great company that brought us the iPad was safe from harm. 

An Apple representative told Buzzfeed that one of the glass panes shattered (and it looks so pretty when an Instagram filter is added) when a snow blower hit the structure.

Of course, we can usually fix that for around 150 bucks. Apple might have to shell out up to $445,000 to replace the panel, according to 9to5mac. Still, we can't help but feel a wee bit smug seeing photos of that shattered glass, because maybe they'll finally understand the pain that comes with a cracked iPhone screen. If we can't check to see if our friends Instagrammed any of their meals on our phones due to a broken face, then what's the point of all of this?!

Oh, and don't worry. The Apple store will remain open while they get the cube fixed. So if anyone in that area needs a shattered screen fixed, be sure to make some kind of joke to the employees when you go to that store. Make us proud.

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