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Has nobody learned what happens when you ask the Internet a question expecting a serious response? We guess it's a good thing that nobody ever learns, because the entertainment value is priceless.

Today, the GOP Twitter asked the Internet what issues concerned them the most, and obviously folks took that opportunity and ran with it. Basically, the Internet did what it does best. And for that, we are thankful.

Sure, some people probably gave serious answers. But we're more interested in the responses that brought other pressing issues to the forefront. Like, why doesn't Chipotle have queso? And how about that Dexter finale?! These are the problems we need solved, like, yesterday!

Check out our favorite "issues" below and then join in on the fun on Twitter. And can we start the hashtag #ChipotleQueso2016? No? Well, you can't tell us what to do!

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