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    Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kandi Burruss Flaunts Curves on the Beach After Kenya Moore Criticizes Her Weight

    Kandi Burruss, Instagram Instagram

    Kandi Burruss has made it clear she's perfectly comfortable with her curvy body, despite what her Real Housewives of Atlanta costar Kenya Moore may think.

    The 37-year-old reality star took to Instagram to share a photo of herself on the beach over the Christmas holiday with her 11-year-old daughter Riley, in which she's flaunting her fab figure in a sexy cut-out swimsuit.

    "Yesterday at the beach! @rileyburruss @kpt_ #FunInTheSun," the mother of one captioned the cute pic-framed photo from the fun-filled day.

    Burruss clearly has no qualms over showing off her beach bod, posing in the sand without a cover-up while proving she certainly doesn't lack any body confidence.

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    Kandi Burruss, Instagram Instagram

    The Bravo beauty's beach pic comes just after her Real Housewives of Atlanta costar Kenya Moore criticized the fellow reality star for her weight on a recent episode of the reality show, which aired on Dec. 22. 

    During a girls' trip to Savannah, Kandi rushed upstairs to claim the best room at their fancy bed and breakfast, which caused the former beauty queen to quip, "I don't know what got into Kandi. Maybe she smelled some Chick-fil-A or a burger upstairs."

    The diss comes just one week after Moore said her costar could afford to "skip a few meals" after stopping at fast food joint Chick-fil-A.

    Following criticism from viewers for her comments, the former Miss USA tried to back track on her Bravo blog, while shamelessly encouraging fans to buy her own workout DVD.

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    Kandi Burruss, Instagram Instagram

    "I made a wise crack at Kandi saying she could skip a meal," she wrote. "Kandi knows I think she has a great figure, so I'm sure she laughed as we have together about the 5-10 pounds she wants to lose. I'm not a tiny girl myself, and I appreciate a woman with curves."

    She continued: "I won Miss USA at 128lbs and I'm now a healthy 145-150lb at 5'10". As women, we know 5lbs is everything to us, but I simply encourage all women to be healthy. My best selling workout DVD Booty Boot Camp is available worldwide on"

    Despite Kenya's defense, Kandi's made it clear she doesn't care about Moore's remarks nor does she seem preoccupied with the 5 to 10 pounds her costar claims she wants to lose.

    "Well she [Kenya Moore] says I need to miss a few meals but I say Im fabulous! Gone wit the wind fabulous," Burruss captioned a shot of herself in a sexy black leotard while mocking Moore's trademark phrase in response to viewers asking how she felt about Kenya's comments. "Gone wit the wind fabulous.... (In my @kenyamoore voice) LMAO! #IDontCareWhatSheSays #YesMyThighsAreBigSoWhat #IWillLoveHerAnyway #ILoveMe #IRepresentTheCurvyGirls #NoImNotASize2 #IwillGoOnADietAfterTheHolidaysButForNowIWillJustBeHappyAsIA." 

    Gone with the wind fabulous, indeed.

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