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    Clooney Joins Tsunami Telethon

    George Clooney, who was instrumental in pulling together the A-list powered America: A Tribute to Heroes following the events of September 11, has signed on to help NBC line up celebrities for its tsunami-aid telethon scheduled for Jan.15.

    The telethon will air on NBC and all of its sister networks, including Bravo, MSNBC, USA, and the Sci Fi Channel.

    So far, Christina Aguilera, Sheryl Crow and Tim McGraw have signed on to perform.

    NBC Universal Cable Entertainment President Jeff Gaspin, who is overseeing the special, told the Los Angeles Times that he didn't have many details about the telethon to give out yet.

    "When you're doing something like this in less than 10 days, it all comes together really fast and at the last minute," Gaspin said.

    Overall, Hollywood's tsunami relief efforts have been less than cohesive so far.

    While America: A Tribute to Heroes--a unified effort by the entertainment industry--was watched at least in part by some 89 million U.S. viewers when it aired 10 days after the attacks of September 11, a bevy of celebrity-fueled benefits to aid tsunami relief are scheduled in upcoming days, which could potentially lead to competition for viewer attention and donations.

    The efforts kicked off with a one-hour special for UNICEF Wednesday, airing on all 14 of NBC's owned and operated stations across the country. Sarah Jessica Parker, Clay Aiken, Debra Messing and others were due to appear on the program.

    A country-themed benefit was set for Sunday in Austin, with Willie Nelson headlining. Proceeds were set to go to the American Red Cross, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders.

    The Laugh Factory comedy clubs in New York and Los Angeles are set to host fund-raising events on Jan. 19, where comics such as Brad Garrett, Jon Lovitz, Paul Rodriguez, Bob Saget and Dane Cook were expected to perform, though lineups had not been finalized.

    Individual celebs continue to make their marks as well. Soccer star David Beckham pledged to visit southern Asia in a bid to boost the tourism industry. Beckham is a superstar in Asia and also serves as an ambassador for UNICEF.

    Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek appealed to Hollywood's fashionistas, urging fellow celebs to donate their Golden Globe attire to their charity, Clothes Off Our Back, for an auction to benefit UNICEF.

    "With a disaster of this magnitude that has affected so many children, everyone wants to help. The Hollywood community has a great opportunity with the upcoming Golden Globes," Kaczmarek, who stars in Fox's Malcolm in the Middle, said in a statement.

    "We are calling on all current and past Golden Globe nominees and winners to donate their clothing and accessories that from the red carpet to help raise money for UNICEF to care for the children who have survived this disaster."

    The tsunami struck southern Asia on Dec. 26, leaving an estimated 150,000 dead and millions more affected.



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