When it comes time to send out Christmas cards, you usually don't have to worry about being naked on them!

But that was the concern of Khloé Kardashian Odom this year as she, her sisters and her mother met with their new Christmas card photographer, David LaChappelle.

The family decided to have LaChappelle shoot their annual holiday card this year, as they all admired his unique style of photography. Kim Kardashian was especially looking forward to working with him.

Khloé, however, was hesitant. She knew that David always has a strong vision for his shoots, and those visions sometimes have naked models!

Luckily, Khloé didn't have to get naked...but she almost ended up showing a little skin when her dress ripped on the set!

Ultimately the girls seemed very happy with David's vision for the shoot, especially after Kourtney Kardashian finally convinced him to let Mason and Penelope join them for the shoot.

Before the big ordeal of the Christmas card, we got to join the family for a festive night of old home movies from Kardashian Christmases past.

The videos of little Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Rob Kardashian were adorable to see, and it was amazing to see how much Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner have grown in just the past ten years!

It was also time for the annual White Elephant game, which involved some crazy gifts! It seemed like Bruce Jenner had bought more than one of them, as a windshield mount and a camping tent were some of the first gifts opened.

One of the most hotly contested gifts was the "double chin exerciser" that Khloé bought...she liked it so much she even stole it from Kourtney during the game!

Then there was the Apple TV that Scott Disick opened, which was nabbed later by Kim. "You're the richest person here, why ya gotta steal my electronics?" Scott complained.

But the best gift of the night was a set of gag lottery tickets that Scott bought (of course). Kourtney lit up when she thought she had won $10,000, but a closer inspection showed that the tickets were to be redeemed by mail at the address "123 Nowhere Street."

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