Lady Gaga, Life-Sized Dolls


Will the real Lady Gaga please stand up?

It seriously took us a minute to figure out which of these was the actual Mother Monster and which two were the replicas.

Apparently, the singer's Japanese record label decided to have life-size Gaga dolls created that will play tracks from the Grammy winner's latest album, Artpop, when one places his or her head against one of the sculptures' chest.

In a video showing how they were made, we learn that technicians put them together using a bone conduction system.

"Who needs Barbie when you can own your own life size pop star that sings to you," the "Applause" singer tweeted on Wednesday, Nov. 27, along with the above photo.

No word yet if these are merely promotional tools or if they might eventually become available to all us Little Monsters.

If the latter winds up being true, we can only imagine what the outfits and accessories would be like!

Meat dress, anyone?

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