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    Rip Torn Cleared of DUI

    Rip Torn has been declared roadworthy.

    The 73-year-old actor, arrested on charges of drunken driving in January, was acquitted Thursday after less than two hours of jury deliberation.

    The grateful thesp treated the jurors to an effusive outburst of gratitude following the verdict.

    Torn waited in the hallway of the Manhattan Criminal Court to thank his jury, pumping the hands of the four male jurors and planting kisses on the two female jurors.

    "This is one of the great events in my life," Torn said. "To be in the hands of this wonderful jury. I love New York."

    The Men in Black star was picked up by police last January after he crashed his car into a cab in New York's Greenwich Village. Police claimed that Torn was "incoherent," smelled like alcohol and had bloodshot eyes at the time of his arrest.

    After Torn was taken into custody, he raged at police to remove his handcuffs and refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test. A video of the rambunctious Torn at the time of his arrest was played in full in court, against his legal team's wishes.

    The tape shows Torn telling cops to "go to hell" and repeating "I will not say anything until you take these cuffs off."

    Torn's lawyer, Adam Levy (son of television's Judge Judy), argued that his client's volatile behavior at the police station was fueled by anger, not alcohol. He insisted that Torn had only had two drinks before he was involved in the accident and that police handcuffed him and prohibited him from going to the bathroom for no reason.

    An alternate juror who was excused from the case told Celebrity Justice that watching the video actually raised more questions about police actions than Torn's behavior.

    "I wondered why they had to have him handcuffed for so long," the alternate juror said.

    Torn said that if he could go back and do things differently, he would "be a lot calmer."

    Ever an actor, Torn smiled knowingly and shook his head vigorously during prosecutor Jason Berland's summation and comments to the jury.

    The prosecutor denied that Torn was mistreated at the time of his arrest.

    "We are not here because the defendant was framed in some grand conspiracy," Berland said. "We are here because the defendant had too much to drink."

    Unfortunately for the prosecution, the jury didn't see it that way.

    Torn, who won an Emmy in 1996 for his role on the now-defunct Larry Sanders Show, will be seen in the upcoming 40 Shades of Blue, which is expected to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

    Torn is also set to appear in The Sisters with Mary Stuart Masterson and Maria Bello. The film is due out next year.