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    Scott Eastwood Goes Shirtless, Shows Off Chiseled Abs in Hawaii—See the Sexy Pics!

    Scott Eastwood Twitter

    Holy hotness! Scott Eastwood shirtless is a truly divine sight.

    Earlier this week, Clint Eastwood's dreamy 27-year-old son blessed his fans with some sexy swimsuit shots taken in Hawaii. (On behalf of all World Wide Web surfers, mahalo, Scott!)  

    In one sexy (but not trying too hard) picture, the Fury actor gets in some cardio in Hanalei Bay. "Cross training has nothin on open ocean paddles," he tweets. Clearly, though, whatever workouts Scott has been doing—on land and water—are working. Just look at that body!

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    Scott Eastwood Instagram

    Later in the week, Scott Instagrammed another lovely, shirtless shot which shows him, surrounded by beautiful mountains, gazing contemplatively into the distance. He appears to be standing on a ledge of some sort, though, and needs to back it up! (The man's a genetic goldmine, and this world needs many, many more generations of Eastwood men.)

    But Scott doesn't want his heaven-sent DNA to be the reason behind his success. "Everyone wants to pitch Eastwood; that's the cheapest game in the book," he told the New York Post earlier this year. "Can you make it on your own? Can you stand on your own two feet? If you're not good, if you can't carry your weight in the audition room…it doesn't matter what your last name is."

    Amen! That said, there are plenty of ladies who wouldn't mind taking on Eastwood as a last name.

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