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    Sarah Silverman Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live, Returns Box of Ex-Boyfriend's Stuff—Watch Now!

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    Coming face to face with an ex is always awkward—just ask Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman!

    On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that aired Thursday, Nov. 14, Sarah paid a visit to her ex-boyfriend's show and brought him back a box of his old stuff, quipping, "It's like I never left, only you're married!"

    Sarah, 42, and Jimmy, 46, split in 2008 after five years of dating. They reconciled their romance briefly, only to break up again in 2009. Jimmy began dating Molly McNearney almost immediately after he and Sarah called it quits, and the twosome said "I do" on July 13, 2013.

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    "You heard about that huh?" Jimmy asked, referring to his summer wedding.

    "I think somebody texted me or something," Sarah deadpanned.

    She then proceeded to go through a box labeled "Jimmy's stuff" that she just "figured I'd return." These included his old toothbrush, some socks, a Palm Treo charger—just "basic stuff."

    "These are some jeans of yours," Sarah said, pulling out some pants that looked much, much too big for Jimmy, not-so-subtly alluding to the fact he was a bit heavier when they dated. "God I had such low left-esteem."

    "That's a joke," she clarified. "I loved you! I loved you at your size."

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    "Things have really changed," Jimmy said, laughing nervously.

    Sarah also presented him with "a collage out of all the heads I cut out of our pictures together." But best of all, perhaps, is the surprise that comes running out at the end of the clip!

    Hey, sometimes you've just gotta laugh it off.

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