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Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, Snooki and More Film Their Best #StarbucksDrakeHands—Watch Now!

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Drake Hands
Drake Hands Instagram

Quick refresher: Girl gives guy her number. Guy texts girl a video selfie of himself seductively stroking his face to a Drake song. Girl's friend uploads video to Instagram. Everyone LOLs. A meme is born.

#StarbucksDrakeHands has been going strong ever since, with the original girl, Piper Kennedy, and guy, Brody Ryan, scoring morning show interviews and late night TV appearances. And a slew of celebrity parodies. 

Like Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Yeah, bitch!

Hashtag Starbucks Drake hands, bitch! Bryan Cranston hasn't gotten in on the action (yet), but there is a bobble head edition starring Walter White here.

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Her Dancing With the Stars opponent, Derek Hough:

Arrow's Colton Hayes debuts #McDonaldsDrakeHands:

Rainn Wilson shows the dangers of #StarbucksDrakeHandsing:

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Larry King:

Scott Porter and the cast of Hart of Dixie:

Bryan Greenberg:

And "even old-ass" Terry Bradshaw:

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As for the O.G. #DrakeHandser, Brody Ryan, he told Inside Edition that he actually met Piper on a dating app and the two had been texting for a while before she suddenly stopped responding. So he sent the video.

"We were trying to be cute, comical, not really caring what her reaction was," he explained. "We intended to make her laugh, and in the end we made the entire world laugh."

If you check out Brody's Instagram, you'll see that #StarbucksDrakeHands wasn't his first stare-along video selfie. And now, he's made another Drake-inspired video for his "fans." This one is NSFW, language-wise:

Last week, Piper also told Ryan Seacrest that, "I'm sure that we will end up seeing each other again at some point because there are people wanting to see us together in person."

Nah, we're good. Just more stars doing #StarbucksDrakeHands, please.

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