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Will Smith's Luxury $2.5 Million Trailer: Take the HGTV Tour

Will Smith, Trailer Theo Wargo/Getty Images; HGTV

When Will Smith is on location making a movie, he has all the comforts of home and then some.

A video tour HGTV conducted last year of Big Willie's $2.5 million trailer has resurfaced online, courtesy of /Film, and gives Smith fans a look at the luxurious lifestyle the actor leads when he's on set shooting such films as Men In Black 3, Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness.

No doubt, it's good to be the Fresh Prince king.

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Will Smith, Trailer Theo Wargo/Getty Images; HGTV

The sleek motor home, nicknamed "The Heat," is a modern marvel that spans 53 feet in length, weighs 30 tons, has 22 wheels, and uses fancy hydraulic pistons to convert it into a ginormous double-decker affair that essentially combines five trailers into one.

It boasts a $100,000-plus custom-built kitchen with granite countertops, $30,000 leather ceilings, a wardrobe room and a remote control makeup mirror with a TV behind it.

It also features Star Trek-style doors leading to a private lounge, a master bedroom, and upstairs a posh, $20,000 bathroom with steam shower that goes opaque at the press of a button.

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Will Smith, Trailer Theo Wargo/Getty Images; HGTV

And did we mention the pimped out, 30-person screening room?

Smith screens his dailies and other movies in the second floor lounge featuring $125,000 worth of technology including surround sound, TVs, and a 100-inch TV. It also doubles as a conference room for the A-lister to hold business meetings.

While the trailer caters to celebs like Smith, average folks can rent it for a cool $9,000 a week.

Will Smith, Trailer Theo Wargo/Getty Images; HGTV

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