Kate Moss

David M. Benett/Getty Images

Far be it from us to criticize the great Kate Moss but there's something funky about this coat.

Maybe what's funky is that it isn't quite a coat? There's a sort of half capelet, half shawl thing going on. We gather that it's fastened by that wrap around the neck, but we can't really tell. And the whole thing appears to be detached from the graphic tee underneath, but we're not so sure of that either.

All this uncertainty is leaving us on the fence about this style. On the one hand, this supermodel can pull anything off. We're also big fans of the skinny black pants and metallic-print top. But on the other hand, we feel like this is something Liberace would wear.

So, considering our love of the grand piano man, we'll say "gotta have it!" What's your take?

A Fashion Police Oct 12 Poll
What's your call on Kate's crazy cape?
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