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    Homeland's Damian Lewis Talks Claire Danes Sex Scenes: Her Husband "Has Nothing to Worry About"

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    Men&amp;rsquo;s Journal, Damian Lewis
    Men&amp;rsquo;s Journal, Damian Lewis Men’s Journal

    There are no blurred lines here.

    Homeland's Damian Lewis doesn't let his onscreen love interest with Claire Danes bleed into his real life in any way.

    In fact, he's so careful with their steamy scenes on the hit show that he even reassured her actor husband, Hugh Dancy, that things are strictly professional between him and Danes.

    In an interview with Men's Journal, Lewis explains how he spoke with Dancy about his character's love affair with Danes' character.

    "I take it very seriously if someone's husband is coming into a situation where his wife is doing intimate work with another man," he told the magazine. 

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    "I go out of my way to make friends and to reassure [Dancy] he has nothing to worry about," he added. "That just seems to me like a good common courtesy."

    Lewis' perspective could be in part due to the fact that he deals with how his own family is affected by his career choice.

    The actor spoke about missing his wife and children while he shoots in America and they reside in London.

    "You live with the burden of being gone, that guilt, for the rest of your life. And you will rationalize it in all kinds of ways, and I'm really proud that my son and daughter can see that Dad's working hard, making success at what he does. You actually have concrete things you can show them."

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    Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Homeland Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

    And when it comes to the hit show's third season, the actor offers his thoughts on whether or not his role as Nicholas Brody should live or be die.

    "I think simply for creative and artistic reasons, the writers want to kill me," he said.

    "There are so many compelling and devastating story lines that would just be great TV and theater. The more compromised storytelling is to keep him alive and to keep him bubbling alone somehow. It's the executives that write that version."

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