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Is This the Best or Worst Instagram Account Ever? Meet the Guy Who Only Posts Smiling Selfies

mrpimpgoodgame, Benny Winfield Jr, Instagram Instagram

How many selfies is too many selfies?

If you ask @mrpimpgoodgame, the answer is, "The limit does not exist." No amount of selfies is ever too many selfies. And in an Internet age where anything and everything goes viral, that mentality has made his Instagram account another viral sensation. 

You may (naively) assume that most selfies are taken by teenage girls in the bathroom mirror (or by an emotional Justin Bieber), but @mrpimpgoodgame—born, Benny Winfield Jr.—has proven that's not the case, curating an account boasting, at the time of publishing, 100 selfies. 

And that's it.

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mrpimpgoodgame, Benny Winfield Jr, Instagram Instagram

Each picture is a close-up of Benny's face, always smiling, and finding the differences between each shot is a game straight out of Highlights magazine: Some are at night! Some are during the day! In some he has a mustache, while in others he's clean-shaven. In most he's wears a white T-shirt, but he occasionally opts for a polo instead.

Only once has he not smiled, instead making a sassy face and captioning it, "What are you talking about Willis LMAO" (Also, full disclosure: Two of his shots are not selfies. But those are the exception, not the rule.) 

@mrpimpgoodgame has attracted over 20k followers and his popularity is only on the rise (he's even going to start selling T-shirts, so that you can take a selfie of yourself wearing a selfie of himself and caption it #LMAO #selfie #metaselfie).  

The 37-yeaar-old Houston native spoke with Buzzfeed about his Instagram fame and explained, "I always respond to my fans and tell them I appreciate the love. And if you're getting rude comments or good comments, it's a good thing. That's what you want, people to talk about you. The negative comments don't ever bother me."

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For the record, here is his first Instagram, uploaded two months ago and uncaptioned:

Now you decide: Is this the best or worst Instagram account ever?

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