Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde is a hoot.

Not that this is new information whatsoever, but she constantly reminds fans why she's so loveable (the woman's hilarious and gorgeous), and this was even more so evident during a Q&A with fans on Reddit today.

The actress joined forces with director Joe Swanberg to promote their upcoming flick Drinking Buddies by answering fan questions, and that led to Wilde discussing some of the most random topics—like parallel parking and beards.

Hey, whatever the people want to know, we guess.

When someone asked, "What does it take to be a world champion parallel parker?" Wilde had a very precise answer. In fact, she was able to sum it up in one word: "Balls." Whether she meant that males are better parallel parkers than females or that it takes a gutsy person to pull up, put that thing in reverse and just do it, is not exactly clear.

Yes, Jason Sudeikis' fiancée may have a witty and charming response for almost anything you throw her way, but at times, she can also be very reflective. When asked about the meaning behind her tattoo on her wrist, which says, "All love, A," Wilde explained, "It's in honor of my late uncle Alexander Cockburn. He was a dear dear friend. The tattoo is the last phrase he wrote to me. All love, A. It reminds me to love everyone, just as he did."

The actress also revealed the type of person she becomes after drinking a good amount of cocktails (although, she clearly stated that her drink of choice is "Beer, dude. Beer") telling a fan, "Wilde until drink 7 and then I fall asleep and become Olivia Milde… Zzzzzz."

A guy also wanted to know the beautiful star's preference on beards, and instead of giving him the answer he was looking for, she joked, "I feel like I look better with a 5 o'clock shadow. Sort of gives me that rugged, Clive Owen look."

And when it comes to the big mystery as to why Wilde doesn't watch Breaking Bad (seriously, girl, you're missing out!), she simply said, "Because I've failed as a human." It's not too late, Olivia!

"That was intense. Thanks for asking great questions," she tweeted after the Q&A was over. "I still don't know how to work reddit. I'm so, so old. My thumbs are cramping. G'night."

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