We love sheer blouses, especially when they're soft and cream. We also love Ciara, especially when she opts for something light and sophisticated. But we do not love the bra she chose to showcase under her simple, see-through top.

Forgive us, but it looks like something from a bad Platex commercial! And unfortunately it's the very first thing we see when we glance at these Zara separates.

It's not like this sultry singer doesn't know how to look sexy. She sings a song called "Read My Lips" and does a duet with the ever-edgy Nicki Minaj!

We can't understand why she didn't opt for a lacier look or even an off-color choice. Black might have been too much under the cream, but a lilac or even pale blue would have complimented the neutrals perfectly.

We'll back off because the rest of this lookespecially the dotted skirtis almost perfect, but it pains us to think that Ciara could have avoided some groans with a different undergarment.

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