Celebrities, Dogs

Sometimes, the best tweets in your timeline aren't from humans. Instead, they come from our favorite four-legged friends.

As we type our most random thoughts and desires 140 characters at a time, some celebrity pet owners are taking it upon themselves to create similar accounts dedicated to their beloved pooch.

Real Housewives stars Bethenny Frankel and Lisa Vanderpump have social media accounts in their famous dogs' names. We're talking about you Cookie and Giggy!

As they tweet (or should we say bark?) about their lavish lifestyle or fun-filled vacations with mom and dad, these pets are getting followers, many times into the thousands.

Bravo puppies aren't alone.

Pop star Britney Spears has an account for her baby girl, Hannah, while talk-show host Chelsea Handler has a funny (and sarcastic) profile for her dog, Chunk.

In honor of National Dog Day, we're taking a look at famous pets who have their very own Twitter accounts.

If you like what you see, don't be afraid to touch the follow button add a little woof to your news feed. You'll be glad you did.

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