Breaking Bad

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

"Say my name!"

How very Destiny's Child of you, Walter White. Or should we call you Heisenberg?

Bryan Cranston is front and center (where he always should be), in the new promo for Breaking Bad's final eight episodes, which begin Sunday, August 11 on AMC.

There might not be any new footage, but the video still gave us chills. Especially with Jesse (Aaron Paul) screaming about people dying and of course Walter saying "damn right" after he is called Heisenberg.

While promoting the final episodes at the TCA Summer Press tour last week, creator Vince Gilligan talked about how to end what has become a truly iconic television series.

"How do you satisfy everybody? The more you listen to everyone, I find, the more fractured your thinking becomes," he said. "Along the way, I felt the best way to come up with something that most people would like was to satisfy ourselves."

Watch the tease below and get ready for the end, Breaking Bad fans!

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