Ireland Baldwin


Like mother, like daughter.

Kim Basinger's doppelgänger daughter, Ireland Baldwin, caught her stunning mom in quite the candid moment, and, lucky for us, she decided to photograph it for all posterity.

And what a priceless snap it is.

PHOTO: Ireland Baldwin flaunts white-hot bikini

In the Instagram pic, the 17-year-old budding model can be seen cozying up to her Oscar-winning mom, who dozed off into a calm slumber.

Elegant and makeup-free, Basinger wore a simple headband that kept the focus on the gorgeous cheekbones that made her a modeling sensation back in the '70s.

Meanwhile, her daughter—who, standing well over 6 feet tall, is already following in her mom's towering footsteps as a cover girl—kept a sense of humor in the pic, sticking her tongue out at her unsuspecting mum.

Ireland Baldwin, Instagram


"She wasn't as excited about Kids Jeopardy as I was," the teen captioned the pic.

Ireland's got quite the knack for catching her parents in refreshingly unguarded moments.

Last month, she snapped her pop, Alec Baldwin, jumping off a boat in the Hamptons while she and boyfriend Slater Trout joined in.

And let's not get started on the gal's cute pugs, who proved to be quite the bathing beauties themselves.

Not such a ruff summer for those pooches.

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