Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

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Get ready!

Jake "The Snake" Roberts is gearing up for his career comeback after being sober for almost a year.

The former WWE star posted a pic of himself tallying up the days that he's been booze- and drug-free on a whiteboard.

He captioned the pic, "The big board. 27 of 90. And 254 days coke free. 33 w out a drink! Moving forward."

Forward, indeed. It appears that Jake has turned over a new leaf and is fully committed to remaining sober.

And while Jake's famous days as a wrestler may be over for good, he isn't finished with being in the spotlight.

The 58-year-old is currently working on a new film titled Heavy Water. The flick is in the funding stages right now and is looking for financial backing on the fundraising site Kickstarter.

The Texas native is slated to play the role of Jed, who acts as a paternal figure to the lead role, River.

According to the movie's Kickstarter page, "Jake's experience as a professional wrestler translated into strong performances and brought a powerful presence to his character. His ability to improvise, take direction, and become the character shines through in his depiction of Jed."

The film has reached over $4,000 in donations and needs $25,000 by Aug. 21 in order to fully fund the project.

Jake, the son of wrestler Grizzly Smith, first stepped into the ring in 1983, making his World Wrestling Federation debut in 1986. 

Jake the Snake Roberts


He is best known for bringing snakes into his fights with him, most notably a python named Damien.

Jake invented the famous DDT move accidentally during a match, which revolutionized the game from that point forward. While many guessed that the move stood for "Drop Dead Twice," Jake has never confirmed what the acronym meant.

But it hasn't all been smooth sailing for the golden boy of wrestling. Jake has reportedly struggled with substance abuse issues for many years and in 2008 completed a voluntary stint in rehabilitation.

Here's to a new chapter in the wrestling veteran's career, and a successful one at that!

In his own words, Jake posted on his Twitter, "my history will not be my destiny."

Well said.

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