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    Prince George Is in Good Company: Clooney, Costanza and More of the Best Georges Ever

    Prince George of Cambridge, George Costanza, George Clooney

    Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge will be the George of all Georges.

    Meaning? Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal baby is 2 days old and already the king of his namesake. He is, however, in very good company when it comes to sharing his surname with others.

    Obviously, George Clooney makes the moniker proud. Like, if a monarchy existed in the United States, he'd almost have to have a crown and jewels of some sort atop that oh-so-sexy head of silver hair.

    NEWS: The royal baby gets official name of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

    George Foreman Gary Miller/FilmMagic

    And while he might not have quite the charm of a Clooney, George Costanza certainly did his part to add some neurotic, balding New York character to the often stuffy-seeming name. Seinfeld's final episode aired in 1998, yet somehow, Jason Alexander's character still gets referenced on the reg. Way to werk it, Art Vandelay.

    There's also George Foreman, who helped a lot of people become a little more Clooney and a little less Costanza with his lean, mean fat-reducing grilling machine.

    And what about George Weasley? Played by Oliver Phelps in the Harry Potter movies, this prankster upped the "it" factor of male gingers almost as much as Prince Harry! That takes some real magic.

    And while there are a few exceptions to this rule, most Georges are pretty awesome. Obviously, though, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge will raise the George bar even higher!

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