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Gabrielle Union

Michael Kovac/WireImage

There's no doubt about the fact that Gabrielle Union looks dynamite in this dress.

The jersey fabric hugs her fit frame just right, and we love the tight up-do to keep the focus on everything below. The question is whether or not Dwayne Wade's main squeeze is really red carpet ready in the cocktail dress equivalent of a tank top we'd wear to sleep.

No, there are no rules around the fabric that qualifies as formal, but this simple cotton on top of the simple style in a very simple color might be too casual for our comforts.

Two things are swaying us from our suspicion that the former Bring it On star should be a bit more dressed up. The firstthat pair of super chic sandals; they definitely say paparazzi-ready. The secondhow incredible this star's body looks; who cares what she's wearing?

Combined, those factors have switched our side. We say, "gotta have it!" to Gabby's casual choice. What's your take?