Cowboy Split

The Lone Ranger hits theaters today, taking on the wild, wild holiday weekend box office. The Johnny Depp remake already competed in a showdown at high noon with the critics, where the movie was shot down and dragged into a ditch to die, while reviewers hit up the saloon for a whiskey (translation: Critics hate it).

But who cares what the critics think, right? Especially when the movie stars a hottie like Armie Hammer, playing the Lone Ranger himself. We love a man who can pull of a ten-gallon hat.

So, to celebrate the film's release (and more importantly, our love of men in cowboy boots, from the sheriffs to the outlaws), we decided to round up Hollywood's hottest cowboys for your ogling pleasure.

And the list is quite prestigious: We have three People's Sexiest Man winner (four if you count Brad Pitt winning twice). We have heartthrobs. We have bad boys. No matter what you prefer, we have a cowpoke for you.

We even have some vintage picks for you (James Dean and Clint Eastwood, anyone?)

Who's donned a Stetson and some spurs? There are romantics like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman. Outlaws like Pitt and Colin Farrell. And action heroes, like Daniel Craig and Will Smith.

Oh yeah, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Long before he returned to the world of Spaghetti Westerns with Django Unchained.

So, as they say: Save a horse and ride a cowboy. Never has that ever been more true then when the cowboys in question look like this... 

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