What do you get when you cross Katy Perry, adorable cats and some Austin Powers-styled lunacy?

A Popchips video!

The pop superstar is plugging her new flavor of Popchips dubbed Katy's Kettle Corn by starring in her very own digital short, which hit the web Wednesday courtesy of the chipmaker.

The spy spoof called Katy and the Popcats finds Perry joining forces with an-all feline force to stop a villainous "Fat Cat" from taking over the world with his brand of Fat Cat Fatty Snacks.

Not only does she get to have some fun and rap a bit while introducing her kitty sidekicks Widget ("the brains") and Boodles ("the muscle"), but she and her cat squad ride around in a van modeled after Josie and the Pussycats as they battle their arch-enemy.

Of course, this being a video featuring the "Firework" singer, her fans can expect a whole lot of wigs, bright colors, and all the catty comments you can think of ("it's over for you, Fat Cat! Get your greasy paws up," Katy says at one point).

You can check out a behind the scenes video Perry also did for the ad campaign below.

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