Cat Bearding

Soooo, "Cat Bearding" is a new thing the Internet is doing. The meme basically combines all of the Internet's most favorite things: Cats, selfies and doing awesome stuff that's ultimately pointless.

It's kinda like those apps that shows you what you'd look like if you grew a beard. Except that the end result is what you'd look like if the bottom of your face was a cat and you were always frowning.

Finally, the Internet finds a use for cats.

Everyone is Cat Bearding. So grab your cat and Cat Beard before your grandma learns about it and beats you to it (like that time your grandma learned how to twerk before you even knew what twerking was. Remember how embarassing that was?)

You can Dog Beard too. No animal discrimination here!

Dog Bearding

Warning: If your cat claws you mid-Cat Bearding, just know that you deserved it.

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