Save Me

Michael Desmond/NBC

NBC's new comedy series starring Anne Heche is called Save Me…so will you?

Heche plays Beth, a Midwestern housewife who almost chokes to death on a sandwich (who hasn't had that experience at least once?), and after waking up, she finds out she has a direct line to no one other than God him or herself. It's safe to say it's not your average comedy.

Her daughter Emily (Madison Davenport) is embrassed and horrified by her mother's newfound religious beliefs, and her husband Tom (Michael Landes) doesn't really believe that his wife can really talk to God. But Beth is determined to make amends with people she's wronged in her life, even if that means annoying people with her new positive outlook.

For those who watched Save Me, what did you think? Will you keep coming back to see what Beth does with her new powers? Vote below!

Save Me
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