We already know about the handful of TV shows and films scuttled because of their terrorist themes and New York landscapes. Now comes word that two musical acts are scrambling in the wake of eerily prescient album art.

Live Scenes from New York, the latest concert album from prog-metal group Dream Theater, has been pulled from shelves because of its album art--the New York skyline, including the Twin Towers and Statue of Liberty, in flames on top of a big apple. The album was released by Elektra and EastWest Records on Tuesday--the same day as the terrible attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.

The album was quickly removed from CDNow.com and has reportedly been yanked from Best Buy stores. Elektra, which had an image of the album cover on its Website Thursday morning, had removed the artwork by Thursday afternoon. Amazon.com and other high-profile online music retailers have also either stopped selling the album or removed the cover art from their sites.

In a message on the band's official Website, www.dreamtheater.net, band leader Mike Portnoy says the group is "currently in discussions with the label as to whether or not we will recall the CDs and replace them with a different cover.

"I can only say that it is a horrible coincidence that we obviously could have never forseen. The timing of the release of the CD happening on the very same day as this tragedy is merely an incredible coincidence," Portnoy says. "Obviously, the recovery of everybody's personal lives here in New York is the first priority"

Meanwhile, the extreme leftist hip-hop group the Coup scrapped its upcoming album cover--featuring rappers Raymond "Boots" Riley and DJ Pam the Funkstress blowing up the World Trade Center--immediately after the attacks occurred, according to a representative from the group's label, 75 Ark.

"The original cover artwork for the Coup album Party Music was created long before the tragic events of September 11," reads a message on the 75 Ark Website. "75 Ark recognizes the importance of artistic freedom. However, recent extraordinary events demand that we create new artwork for the album. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone whom this tragedy has touched."

The label says it pulled the album art from its Website right after the attacks and stressed that it had never been printed (the art was slated to go to print this week.)

The Coup, known for subversive rants and albums titled Kill My Landlord and Genocide and Juice, will release Party Music as scheduled on November 6. The cover will likely only feature the band's logo.