GHOST TOWN: Hollywood virtually shut down as a result of Tuesday's devastating terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Last night's Latin Grammys were canceled outright, and Sunday's Prime-Time Emmy Awards were indefinitely postponed.

IN SHOCK: New York's entertainment epicenter, Times Square, virtually empty Wednesday morning, as Broadway shut down, movie theaters close and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week cancels its remaining events in nearby Bryant Park. The tents constructed for the fashion shows are expected to be used for emergency purposes.

RESHUFFLING: Production on most TV and movie projects halted in the wake of the incidents, which have left thousands dead. Collateral Damage, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a man whose family is killed in front of him when a downtown skyscraper is hit by a massive bomb blast, has been indefinitely postponed from its October 5 release.

ADD: The weekend junket for Big Trouble, the Tim Allen-led ensemble comedy, has been canceled and its release pushed back from next weekend to sometime next year. The film climaxes with a bomb at an airport.

MOUSE HOUSE MOURNS: The Walt Disney Co., after closing all of its theme parks Tuesday, reopening Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.

NO SHOWS: Madonna and The Black Crowes also canceling Tuesday night concerts in Los Angeles. U2 has canceled its concerts scheduled for Friday and Saturday. And Janet Jackson, Tool, Godsmack, Maxwell and Ben Folds have also postponed dates. The Toronto Film Festival also suspended screenings on Tuesday.

VICTIMS: David Angell, the Emmy-winning cocreator of Frasier and Cheers and his wife, Lynn, among those aboard one of the hijacked planes that hit the World Trade Center. CNN legal commentator Barbara Olson also was on the ill-fated aircraft that hit the Pentagon.

NO TIME FOR "LOVE CRUISE": Broadcast and cable networks canceling their premiere-week lineups and filling the airwaves with nonstop news coverage of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. MTV, VH1 and ESPN also suspended regular programming to cover the tragedy.

OFF LINE: Electronic Arts suspending play on its new interactive online conspiracy game, Majestic, in the wake of Tuesday's tragedy. The game revolves around a government conspiracy that leads to the destruction of a software company.

PAULA PLEADS: Comedian Paula Poundstone pleading no contest Wednesday to charges of child abuse and infliction of injury on a child. She's expected to be sentenced on October 10 to five years in probation and six months in county jail--time she'll be allowed to serve in rehab.

LIZZIE PLEADS, TOO: Entertainment publicist Lizzie Grubman pleading innocent Wednesday to felony charges stemming from her back-end crash outside a Hamptons nightclub that injured 16 people.

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