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Arrested Development: Bluth Banana Stand Pops Up in NYC as Tobias Fünke's Sizzle Reel Goes Viral

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Fans are going bananas for Arrested Development.

Stands hawking the famed frozen bananas featured on the show popped up in New York City this week as the cult favorite goosed up anticipation for its eagerly awaited return May 26 on Netflix.

Yep, die-hards got a taste of grub from Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand, which kicked off a quasi-world tour of sorts on May 8 in London before making pit stops in New York City and Los Angeles.

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And none other than producer-narrator Ron Howard and series newbie Terry Crews were on hand to man the stand, as they handed out the cool treats to gawkers and passersby.

That wasn't the only treat fans got this week: On Wednesday, Howard tweeted a sizzle reel of the series' wannabe actor Tobias Fünke, played by David Cross, as he brazenly pursues his thespian dream by inserting himself into movie scenes depicting him riding a tiger, rocketing out of a cannon and clinging onto an flying airplane's wing, among other stunts.

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"Just got a video reel from Dr. Tobias Funke at Anybody seen this guy? Inspiring Stuff," Howard tweeted.

And—just in case you missed it—the show's season-four trailer dropped this past weekend, teasing the long-awaited return of Michael (Jason Bateman), Gob (Will Arnett) and the rest of the deliriously dysfunctional Bluth clan.

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