Selena Gomez

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Selena Gomez is anything but your typical Hollywood diva.

Case in point? The pop star recently revealed her tour rider demands in an interview with MTV, and it turns out, the singer has incredibly low-maintenance requests (no red toilet paper included).

"Incense, pickles always," the newly single starlet confessed of her on-the-road must-haves. "I don't know. I actually have a boring rider."

She continued, sharing her typical 20-year-old requirements, "I'll be honest…ramen. That's what I have," she said. I'm more about food and apparently incense."

Gomez will soon begin traveling for her upcoming world tour, titled Stars Dance, and the brunette beauty also shared her inspiration for the name. 

"It's actually a track on the record and I just felt it was a perfect name for every track that's on the album," she said. "They have their own individual stamp and style to it, but with this tour and wanting to incorporate more of the performing aspect, I thought it was the perfect way for kicking it off."

Guaranteed Selenators are squealing with excitement! 

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