Jason Collins, Chris Broussard

Harry E. Walker/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com); ESPN

After catching hell for calling homosexuality "a sin" following NBA center Jason Collins' announcement Monday that he's gay, ESPN's Chris Broussard is setting the record straight.

The basketball analyst took to twitter to clarify that he was only offering his "personal opinion as it relates to Christianity" and respects people's choice to believe otherwise.

"I realize that some people disagree with my opinion and I accept and respect that," Broussard wrote. "As has been the case in the past, my beliefs have not and will not impact my ability to report on the NBA."

The sportscaster caused a bit of a brouhaha on ESPN's Outside the Lines show last night when discussing Collins. Broussard said he didn't agree with homosexuality and called it a sin.

In his tweet, Broussard added that his personal point of view is something he's "expressed publicly before" and commended Collins for his disclosure.

"I believe Jason Collins displayed bravery with his announcement today and I have no objection to him or anyone else playing in the NBA," he added.

It's worth noting that in his essay in Sports Illustrated in which he declared he's gay, Collins has a slightly different interpretation of Christian values than Broussard.

"I'm from a close-knit family. My parents instilled Christian values in me. They taught Sunday school, and I enjoyed lending a hand," he wrote. "I take the teachings of Jesus seriously, particularly the ones that touch on tolerance and understanding."

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