The Bible

Joe Alblas/A+E Networks, LLC

Mark Burnett isn't ready to close the book on The Bible.

The producer plans to bring his highly rated History Channel miniseries to the big screen, he revealed Monday during an NBC Summer Press event. Burnett, who also executive produces The Voice and Survivor, hopes the three-hour film, which will be a condensed version of his 10-part miniseries, will be released in the fall, though he's still deciding whether to go the studio route or distribute it himself.

"It's just a matter of choosing exactly [how to release it]," he told reporters. "There have been so many offers. We could put it into arenas. There are very few things like this that would have this kind of life."

The original miniseries, which wrapped its History Channel run on Easter,  was seen by 100 million people in the United States alone and recently became the fastest-selling miniseries on DVD of all time. "All of those people who rolled their eyes three years ago and said nobody's going to watch The Bible on TV, well, they were wrong," Burnett said. "But I wasn't surprised. I knew it would work like it did."

And why is that? "It was God's voice," Burnett said. "Too many things happened to see it any other way."

Tell us: Will you hit up the local multiplex to check out The Bible?

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