Katy Perry, Russell Brand

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images; Twitter

Except when it comes to paparazzi and iPhones, we've pretty much been led to believe that Russell Brand is a lover, not a fighter.

Case in point:

During a rapid-fire Q&A with inquiring minds on Twitter, an apparent Katy Perry fan (handle @perryproud) asked, "do u love the katycats?"

"Of course. I love all cats. X," Brand cheekily replied, making light of the question about whether he still cares for his ex-wife's feline-inspired super-fans. The moniker was bandied about beforehand but really took off after Perry's Hello Katy Tour.

As for Perry's one, true, literal KatyCat?

Kitty Purry, the singer's prized pet, has its own Tumblr and enjoyed a cameo in the video for "I Kissed a Girl."

No word on whether Brand ever sought visitation rights.

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