Robert Pattinson, Cat, Tumblr; TV Week

Cats, they're what makes the Internet go round.

And we guess Robert Pattinson (you know, that guy from Twilight) generates a few page clicks too. So it's high time the two came together thanks to a Tumblr that pairs pictures of your favorite hunky stars with adorable kittens!

Channing Tatum, Adam Levine and Ryan Gosling are just a few of the other hotties who get copycatted over at the Des Hommes et des Chatons (Men and Kittens) Tumblr. Check it out!

To be fair, this is hardly the first time celebs and cats have joined forces.

Anyone remember the One Direction kitten video that produced this gem? 

One Direction Cats


Aww, Niall Horan cat! Yay!

So, Sophie's Choice time. Whose celebrity cat-ppelgänger is cuter?

R.Pattz Niall Cats
Which hottie's copycat is cuter?
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