Cashmere Mafia


It's back!

Save It or Sink It, our illustrious (okay, perhaps only my mom has heard of it) opportunity for you to shape pop culture, has returned for midseason!

Darren Star's Cashmere Mafia, 2008's first network newbie, just premiered on ABC, so now the masses (not to mention Lucy Liu and ABC prez Steve McPherson) are dying to know: What did you think?

Below, you can let the world (and my mom) know whether you deem this series worthy by voting to Save It or Sink It. You also can use the Comments section below to sway the masses to see this series or skip it when Cashmere moves to Wednesdays at 10 this week. This sounding board is your soapbox!

I'll start the convo off by saying I think Cashmere Mafia is a pretty daft dramedy and (along with NBC's forthcoming Lipstick Jungle) an obvious attempt to clone Sex and the City in the year it returns as a flick.

My biggest issue? Aside from a few bright moments courtesy of Liu and Bonnie Somerville, the characters and storylines just aren't very enticing or likable.

Still, gotta admit, with better shows off the air (and the SATC flick still months away), I'm hoping Cashmere sticks around to serve its real purpose: keeping us fluffy and slightly more warm during winter's TV chill.

My vote: Save it (for now).

Agree? Disagree? Do yo' thang below....

Save It or Sink It: Jan. 6
Cashmere Mafia
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