Justin Bieber, Jay-Z

Dimitrious Kambouris, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is basically Jay-Z.

LOL, kidding. But the 19-year-old pop star did kinda compare himself to Hov, at least when it comes to the way they handle rumors.

"I don't need to address every speculation," he told Teen Vogue (as excerpted by WWD). "Remember when Cam'ron dissed Jay-Z? Jay-Z didn't even respond."

"Why didn't he respond," Justin mused. "Because he's Jay-Z."

So like Jay-Z, J.B. feels no need to dignify unfounded gossip with a response. Swaggy.

And also like Beyoncé's man, Justin is a man of many talents. His manager Scooter Braun tweeted Tuesday that the Biebs "wrote a smash for @thewanted." He's already predicting it'll be a "#hitrecord."

It probably will be. Now, if only Justin would take a note from Jay and the original Justin and put on a suit and tie rather than those drop-crotch pants…

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