Courtney Stodden has already helped us celebrate the Fourth of July and Christmas, so why should Easter be any different, right?

Let's face it. No holiday would truly feel complete if it wasn't for everyone's favorite teen bride there to offer up her well wishes.

"Hippity, hippity hop. Here's something you can't top. I'm Courtney Cottontail, here to say, I hope you have a wonderful day. Hoppy Easter," Stodden, decked out in bunny ears and wearing a festive bra, told all her fans in a YouTube video posted on Sunday.

Ah, see what Stodden did there?

Instead of saying "Peter Cottontail," the 18-year-old personalized it. What's more, she changed "Happy" to Hoppy."

Get it?

Yep. That's why we love her.

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