Whitney Houston's state of health may remain a topic of speculation, but Hawaiian prosecutors are saying "Aloha" to drug charges against the songstress.

The Hawaii County Prosecutor's Office will not file marijuana possession charges against Houston, who was busted at a Hawaiian airport after guards allegedly found 15.2 grams of pot in her bag.

Prosecutors will return the case to police for further investigation. But unless Hawaiian police turn up new evidence against the 36-year-old Grammy winner, prosecutors say further action against the diva is unlikely, APBNews reports.

"This is not one of our major cases," Hawaii County prosecutor Jay Kimura tells the news service.

For Houston, it's a positive break in what's otherwise been a troubling few months of drug rumors and closely scrutinized behavior. She returned to the stage Monday to mixed reviews--and continued concerns about her recent behavior.

Houston performed a 20-minute medley of hits at Monday night's Arista Records' 25th anniversary tribute to her mentor, Clive Davis. While some argue that Houston's stage antics were over-analyzed, attendees say she struggled through the set, sweating profusely and stopping in the middle of her signature "I Will Always Love You" to ask husband Bobby Brown for a glass of water. She still received a standing ovation from the industry-heavy crowd.

It was the bust in Hawaii set off the recent rumors about Houston's alleged drug use. That, combined with a string of allegedly odd behavior and a no-show for her Oscar-night performance, spawned reports that friends were getting worried about her.

Houston reportedly was stopped by security guards at Keahole-Kona Airport in January, after they discovered the pot during a routine inspection. Guards seized the bag and tried to detain Houston, but she got on her United Airlines flight to San Francisco anyway. (The airport rent-a-cops are only allowed to make arrests related to airport security, and police arrived some 45 minutes after Houston's plane took off.)

Hawaii County Vice Squad Lt. Robert Hickcox says police are still waiting for a report from prosecutors regarding their decision not to press charges. He says fingerprints found on the marijuana container were tested, but he would not say whose prints were found on it.

If charged and convicted, Whitney would have faced up to 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for the marijuana possession.

Houston's publicist did not immediately return a call for comment Friday.

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