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    Kim Kardashian Says 'I Do' About Marrying Kanye on New Episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami

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    KKTM 507
    KKTM 507

    Did Kim Kardashian just say "I do" to Kanye West?!

    Well, kinda. At the start of this week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Kim's friend Karen asks if she thinks she'll marry Kanye someday. "I do," says Kim with a smile. We'll take it!

    In the meantime, Kim had fun this week butting into people's business...hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

    Watch the clip of Kim giving Kourtney some tough love about Scott!


    Don't Get Involved: Kim warned Kourtney Kardashian that Scott Disick would "cheat on you and it'll be your fault," because Kourtney isn't spending enough alone time with him. "You're literally going to lose him," said Kim. That tough love got Kourtney to book a romantic vacation for two to Paris...but Scott had a different idea.

    Seriously, Don't Get Involved Kim: Kim was also worried about Jonathan Cheban's friendship with his business parter Simon Huck deteriorating over disagreements about Jonathan's responsibilities. So, Kim organized a dinner and surprised Jonathan with a Simon appearance. That did not go over well, and let to Jonathan storming out. Will their friendship ever be the same?

    When In Paris, Do As the Parisians Do: Scott learned a lesson about paying attention to what Kourtney is saying when Kourtney tried to get him to do romantic things in the City of Love, but Scott kept inviting friends. The last straw was when he missed out on putting a lock on the Lover's Bridge. Fortunately, Scott made it up to Kourtney by getting the whole lock thing right the next day. Awwww!

    Want to see the Simon/Jonathan fight? Watch the clip here!


    "I love being mysterious, I feel like Batman"—Jonathan

    "He's gonna cheat on you, and it'll be your fault"—Kim

    "I can be like, the therapist"—Kim

    "What are you, Judge Judy?"—Jonathan

    "For me personally, I think it was a great time. I just wish I had popcorn"—Scott

    "You're kind of like, a philosopher"—Kourtney

    "Hi Eiffel Tower!"—Mason

    "Dying is no bueno"—Kim 

    Tune in next week for another episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Sunday at 9/8c on E! 

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