Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

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How cute are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costars turned real-life lovers are still going strong, as witnessed by the photograph of the duo happily strolling through New York City hand-in-hand after having breakfast. 

The couple were bundled up in coats and beanies while good-naturedly waving hello to onlookers in the West Village.

Andrew Garfield

Lenny Abbot,

Alas, they can't always spend each day engaging in sweet PDAs on the streets of the Big Apple.

They're both big-deal movie stars after all!

Garfield was back on the set of the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2 yesterday, carrying a backpack and sporting a red knit hat and blue hoodie while apparently having declared himself the winner of something or other.

Either he's practicing some superhero moves or he's just super excited. Regardless, we dig it.

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