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Josh Duhamel and Jimmy Fallon Have a Sexy Dance-Off—Watch Now!

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Josh Duhamel, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Josh Duhamel, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Hey, Channing Tatum, if you need any more guys for a Magic Mike sequel, here ya go.

The very handsome Josh Duhamel stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his flick Safe Haven, but before the duo could even get to anything the actor's been working on, the topic of conversation quickly went to dancing.

"Here's my one concern I would have being married to Fergie—dancing. Does she make you dance? She's a good dancer," Jimmy Fallon said.

Julianne Hough asked who the better kisser is? Josh or Ryan?

"We've danced, but I keep the expectations low," Duhamel responded. "We could dance if you'd like."

But Fallon was not willing to bust a move—yet.

"I saw her when she was on your show a while back, that's a lot to live up to," Duhamel continued, "with the shots of vodka and everything else."

Josh Duhamel not fueling the Fergie pregnancy rumors

That's when Fallon proceeded to show everyone his go-to move, which basically consisted of a backward motion and him saying, "I'm going to the bar." And luckilly, the band decided to give the guy a little beat, which inspired Josh to get up and groove.

"He gave us a little music, we could do it. I'm down."

That's when amazing happened, and the duo got side-by-side and did a sexy, booty-popping dance together that, although slightly awkward, was easily the highlight of our night.

Watch the clip!

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