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    Mila Kunis Teased About Ashton Kutcher, Talks Ideal Valentine's Day on Ellen

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    Mila Kunis, The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    Mila Kunis, The Ellen DeGeneres Show Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

    Ashton Kutcher better be prepared to go all out this Valentine's Day. You know, if, like, he happens to run into Mila Kunis or anything.

    "How is he doing, I wonder? Do you talk to him at all?" Ellen DeGeneres played coy with Kunis, asking the actress if she keeps in touch with any of her That '70s Show costars, during an interview airing tomorrow on Ellen.

    "When's the last time you talked to him?" DeGeneres asked, the picture of innocence. "I'm just asking...It's a showbiz question!" 

    Mila Kunis may be coupled up, but she loves being single, too

    "It's been, give or take, a couple of minutes," Kunis admitted.

    Well, everybody—including Ellen—knows darn well that she and Kutcher are pretty hot and heavy. And Kunis, even though she says she's "never put much emphasis" on Valentine's Day, is thinking that a "simple, sweet, meaningful" gesture would be great come Feb. 14.

    "I love flowers," the actress said. "So, flowers are nice. Chocolates, who doesn't like chocolate? Super stereotypical."

    You know what Mila doesn't want? To star in Fifty Shades of Grey...

    "So you want roses and chocolate?" DeGeneres confirmed. "All day long," Kunis agreed.

    Asked if she wouldn't mind a humongous teddy bear as well, Kunis declared, "I want the biggest bear and a thousand roses. If we're going to do it, we might as well do it full out."

    Hear that, Ashton?

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    Check out pics of Mila and Ashton in cute couple mode



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