Kristin Chenoweth, Dog


A run-in at the airport left Kristin Chenoweth barking mad. And apparently in tears too.

It seems that while the petite actress was boarding a flight in Dallas on Tuesday, an American Airlines supervisor stopped the star at the gate and told her she did not have the proper paperwork to get on the plane with her service dog, according to reports.

However, when Chenoweth questioned such a claim, the supervisor is said to have lashed out verbally and subsequently caused Chenoweth to cry.

While the situation was eventually rectified and Chenoweth was allowed to finally board with her pet, that didn't stop Chenoweth from expressing her feelings via Twitter.

"American Airlines: Dallas flight attnt supervisor Ms. Kidwell. Abuse not okay. #tripfromhell," she wrote later in the day.

The airline has reportedly issued an apology to Chenoweth and refunded part of her fare.

UPDATE: Chenoweth tweeted on Friday, "Maddie is NOT a service dog. She is an emotional support animal. just fyi TMZ.

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