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    Latest Good Day to Die Hard Trailer: 5 Reasons to Watch Bruce Willis Back in Action

    A Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

    The Die Hard films have always been westerns set amid the modern-day, high-tech world of skyscrapers.

    And by the looks of the new trailer for the latest installment, A Good Day to Die Hard is no exception as it finds Bruce Willis saddling up once again as his iconic fish-out-of-water policeman, John McClane—this time tasked with taking out a batch of Russian terrorists who are involved in his wayward son's arrest.

    Here are five reasons we're saying "yippeekayay" to this sequel:

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    A Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

    1. Always the Cowboy: McClane may be nearing retirement, but the guy still knows how to kick ass—and he sure knows how to use heavy weaponry. Though instead of referring to himself as Roy (as in western hero Roy Rogers) in the latest chapter, which puts him in Moscow, he opts for the "007 of Plainfield, New Jersey." He's still a cowboy to us.

    A Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

    3. Sexy Villainess: Every Die Hard has a good bad guy, but in this case, A Good Day to Die Hard gives us a wicked Russian babe named Irina (Yuliya Snigir), who looks sexy on a motorbike, can wield a machine gun, and pilots a chopper. As it turns out, she and her underworld cronies are out to procure themselves some weapons-grade uranium and loose nukes.

    A Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

    3. Like Father Like Son: Who better to act as McClane's sidekick than John McClane Jr., aka Jack, played by newcomer Jai Courtney, who little does dad realize is actually an undercover CIA operative out to stop the nuclear weapons heist. No doubt producers would just love to have this hunky 26-year-old Aussie actor, who played a worthy villain opposite Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher, put on the undershirt and continue the series once Willis bows out.

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    A Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

    4. Did We Say Action? There are plenty of thrills and derring-do as usual in this latest entry, like McClane driving an armored truck through the streets of Moscow and barreling over a barricade onto a highway.

    A Good Day To Die Hard Trailer

    5. The Real Sky Fall: Unlike Willis jumping on the wing of a Harrier jet in Live Free and Die Hard, we hoped helmer John Moore might keep the set pieces a little more realistic this time. But if falling through a glass roof amid an exploding helicopter sounds a bit ridiculous, remember McClane did a similar stunt in the first Die Hard. So if the sequel is anywhere close to the quality of the original, fans of the franchise are in for a treat.

     A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters on Valentine's Day.

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